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Liquid Diamonds-8oz


Liquid Diamond “Coating”- Protective coating for glass, stone, metal, fiberglass, paint, plastic and vinyl



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Product Details

     Liquid Diamonds consists of a unique co-polymer formulation. It provides a highly durable, long-lasting protective coating by bonding to the surface molecular structure of materials such as Glass, Metal, Stone, Fiberglass, Plastic, and Vinyl and Painted surfaces. It will not alter the natural appearance of the surface. The treated surface is highly resistant to corrosion, oxidization, and staining. Minor scratching and abrasion is reduced. Acid etching from vandalism on glass is usually restorable with Diamond Luster, treated in time.
    Diamond Seal Systems is easy to apply and cures within seconds. It has excellent adhesion, is UV resistant and UV protective, stable and does not yellow, chalk or flake. It should be used as a protective overcoat for other Diamond Seal Systems Coating products such as, Diamondize Protective Treatment and stone sealer to improve the durability and life performance of these foundation products.
    To clean the Liquid Diamonds treated surface, simply wipe it with a Micro Fiber Cloth. To maintain surface protection, clean with the Diamond Seal Systems' Diamond Blue Wash Cleaner. See the Diamond Blue Wash Product Information. There will never be a need for acidic or abrasive cleaning chemicals.
    Liquid Diamonds protective treatment is a water, dirt, and dust repellent treatment for glass, polished stone, finished metal, fiberglass and painted metal surfaces. DO NOT USE ON FLOORS!
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