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Diamond Blue Wash-16oz


Diamond Blue Repellent Wash is an environmentally friendly water-based cleaner/polisher that dissolves and lifts oily grime and dirt on most hard surfaces. Excellent on glass,mirrors, granite/stone counters, stainless steel and metal.Diamond Blue Wash - Regeneration Cleaner for Glass, Metal, Stone, Fiberglass, Painted Surfaces, Vinyl and Plastic. (Not for floors)



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Product Details

    Diamond Blue Wash is a unique cleaning and co-polymer formulation. It is an excellent general cleaner/polisher for most architectural materials and surfaces. More importantly, it is designed to maintain the long lasting durability and performance of other Diamond Seal Systems Protective Treatments. Diamond Blue Wash is the final component to make Diamond Seal Systems Treated surfaces look “Forever Brilliant™”.

    This unique formulation penetrates dust, grime, bacteria, oil and environmental contaminants and lifts them from the surface with the use of a DSS Micro fiber cloth. The co-polymers in the formulation have an affinity for the substrate. With the dirt and grime barrier gone, the co-polymers are free to bond to the surface and protect it from water, dust, acid rain, salt fog, car emissions and other surface damaging contaminants that cause corrosion, oxidization, and staining.

    Diamond Blue Wash is simply sprayed on and wiped off with a DSS Micro fiber cloth. It dries within seconds. It has excellent adhesion, is UV resistant, stable and does not yellow, chalk or flake. DO NOT use acidic or abrasive-cleaning chemicals on a surface treated with Diamond Seal Systems Products. Test the Product on a small, unexposed painted area before use on painted surfaces.

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